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What is a Neighbourhood Plan? 

A Neighbourhood Plan is a planning document, it is integrated into local planning policy, and used as a guide for planning officers when deciding on new developments within our community. This site is dedicated to ensuring that the Thanington NP represents the community, and that the policies and consultations are easily managed and accessible to as many people as possible.Thanington is a civil parish, approximately 2 miles from the City of Canterbury by road. It is approximately 1.9 sq mi and has a current population of 2662 residents, 1055 households and is set to double that with two ongoing developments at Saxon Fields and Cockering Farm. Thanington has several community hubs, including the Thanington Neighbourhood Resource Centre, Hilltop Community Association, Ashford Road Community Association and St Nicholas Church. There are a few small business, but not commercial hubs (though commercial space is a part of the Cockering Farm development that is underway) 

Thanington Parish was approved as a Neighbourhood Area on 5/10/20 by Canterbury City Council, further information available at:

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